PlayStation VR Passes Three Million Units Sold

Sony’s VR platform finally hit another new milestone, as was announced today by Mary Lee, Vice President of PlayStation Marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Less than two years since its launch back in October 2016, PlayStation VR has now sold a total of three million units worldwide. While that may not sound a lot in terms of video game hardware, given the fairly lukewarm reception of virtual reality headsets on a commercial front still, it’s a commendable result nonetheless.

In terms of software, nearly 22 million VR-compatible games and, what Sony have dubbed, “experiences” have also been sold though given both these types of releases were combined into the same figure, it’s hard to tell how much of this pertains to fully-fledged games, albeit VR alternatives to otherwise non-VR (by default) titles such as, for example, Resident Evil 7. There have been the ocassional well-received VR games however, such as Polyarc’s adventure,, puzzle-platformer Moss. Where VR’s future lies in the coming years remains a mystery and while it may still be considered a niche interest compared to the appeal of consoles or PC, VR is at least intriguing a fair number of PlayStation owners.