Raw Fury To Showcase a Commuter’s Twisted Life With Mosaic

Raw Fury have been extremely proactive this past year, scooping up choice title after choice title to publish. So what would be their next game to lend a hand to? Well, that honor goes to Mosaic, a narrative adventure from Norwegian developers Krillbite Studio. The announcement for the game was made today, accompanied by a brand new trailer that you can check out below as always. However, expect things to be a bit…cryptic, as you can see.

Notably, the official description accompanying this clip only consists of four phrases: You are a cog in the machine. Everything in its right place. Individualism is ineffective. This is your number. Digging a little deeper, it seems the game casts you as a simple commuter, living a simple, dull life…up until things take a turn for the weird. Dark, foreboding, and surreal, it seems like we may have a rather captivating tale here. Mosaic is due out next summer for PC and all major consoles, so make sure to keep an eye on it as things develop.