Slime Rancher Gets Adorable Collector’s Edition

Slime Rancher is one of the most chill and lovely games that launched last year. It’s now getting a physical collector’s edition on the heels of its first anniversary.

The Slime Rancher: Collector’s Edition comes with a Lucky Slime piggy bank and satin display pillow as its standout feature. Also included is a Beatrix bandana, puffy slime stickers and Newbuck collector’s coin. All of this costs $49.99.

Actually getting a copy of the game is optional. A boxed copy for PS4 or Xbox One increases the price to $64, while a Steam key only increases it to $59.

Pre-orders are open now on FanGamer. The games themselves will ship earlier than the rest of the Collector’s Edition contents. Expect to see those shipping in late December.