Floating Over the Ruined World in Flotsam Teaser Trailer

What makes a town a home?  Whatever debris you can scavenge, of course.  Flotsam is a town builder set on the endless ocean of a drowned world after the apocalypse, and while the world is in a sorry state the survivors are doing ok.  When they’re not being eaten by the giants of the deep, that is.  The leftover garbage of civilization is the basis for a small town floating on the waves, and it’s your job to try to build it into a thriving status while fending off whatever threats that swim or drift your way.  The town is built from whatever debris you can collect, and one of the focuses of the game is that it never grows so large that you can’t keep track of the individual inhabitants.  You’re putting together a cute, friendly little village in a big and dangerous world, but if everyone works together maybe most of them can survive.

Flotsam is coming out at an unspecified point in 2019.  Check out the teaser below to see how upbeat survival in the post-apocalyptic watery wasteland can be.