Battlefield V Open Beta Kicks-Off September 4

It’s time to suit up for deployment because the Battlefield V open beta is almost upon us.

EA and DICE today announced when players can get their hands on Battlefield V. Like previous entries in the franchise, an open beta is coming with lots of content to try out. All players can hop in starting September 6, but those who pre-order or are a member of EA or Origin Access can start playing September 4. Beta pre-loads go live on September 3.

Once in, players can enjoy a variety of content. Participate in Conquest on the recently announced Rotterdam map, and the Arctic Fjord map, which was playable in the alpha. Players can also play two ‘days’ of Grand Operations on the Arctic Fjord map.

Finally, the beta includes a preview of Tides of War. An evolving journey through World War II, Tides of War features new narrative chapters every few months. A five-part chapter will be available in the beta to test out. Completing it nets players an exclusive in-game Dog Tag for the full game.

Battlefield V is out October 19 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.