Dying Light: Bad Blood Hits Early Access in September

Techland announced at Gamescom that their upcoming PvP game set in the Dying Light universe is coming to early access.

Dying Light: Bad Blood is Techland’s take on the battle royale genre. Twelve players are dropped into the streets of Harran to survive each other, and the bloodthirsty zombies. The game aims to blend Dying Light’s fantastic parkour action with a PvP experience. Scavenge, craft, and outrun your enemies as you attempt to survive. Players have the option to try it out themselves in September.

Dying Light: Bad Blood enters early access in September on PC. Those who want to participate may purchase the Founder’s Pack for $19.99. In addition to early access, the pack comes in-game currency and exclusive items, including three legendary skins.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will eventually launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC as a free-to-play title. Be sure to check out our GDC preview of the game. Dying Light: Bad Blood has no association with the upcoming sequel, Dying Light 2.