MudRunner 2 Announced With Exciting Logo Action

The joy of a sequel is that it could be anything.  The endless dreams of possibility inspired by previous games seem within reach, and the future is filled with nothing but potential.  Maybe Call of Duty: Sleepytime Wars will be all pillow forts and Nerf blasters.  Maybe The Binding of Isaac: Therapy Trek will start off in madness and end with an apartment and supportive relationship.  Maybe MudRunner 2 will be a grueling but oddly satisfying journey across the untamed wilderness, but now with the fan-requested cockpit view that seems so out-of-place for the type of game it is.  Anything could happen!  MudRunner 2 doesn’t want to take your dreams away so rather than burst onto the scene with a trailer or any information at all the announcement comes with a logo and that’s it.

Well, it’s not completely information-free.  The physics engine returns, but whether that’s married to a new graphics and rendering engine is a mystery for now.  There will be “a host of new features and enhancements”, which we could kind of assume already what with MudRunner 2 being a sequel rather than DLC for the original game.  The true unveiling of MudRunner 2 will happen in Q1 2019, so dream big dreams of everything the game could be for the next six months, and try to balance the realities of game development against internet cynicism if it doesn’t quite reach your loftiest aspirations.