Sharknado Funnels Its Way Into VR

Throughout history many masterpieces of cinema have crossed over into the realm of video games with varying degrees of success. While no announcement has come concerning The Room VR, the latest real Hollywood blockbuster to get the coveted video game treatment is Sharknado with Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm. Announced over the weekend at the premier of The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm is the first virtual reality Sharknado experience and will be available later this year on Steam, Oculus store, PSVR, iOS and Android. Sharknado VR: Eye of the Store will put players in familiar scenarios from their favorite movies along with some new surprises. More information about Sharknado VR: Eye of the Storm and other Autumn VR projects can be found here.