Switch eShop Gets Three Surprise Releases Today

If the transmission of another round of updates/announcements pertaining to certain upcoming independant titles (or Nindies as Nintendo would prefer you dub them) earlier today wasn’t surprising enough, three of the games featured during the twenty-or-so minute video are available right now on the Switch eShop. So let’s go through the three new titles, shall we? First off we have the Switch version of Prison Architect; having originally released all the way back in October 2015 for PC, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition bundles together both expansions while the game’s Escape Mode will follow suit in a stand-alone DLC planned for release sometime this summer.

Secondly, Bad North from Raw Fury — which was already confirmed for Switch alongside its release across other consoles, PC and mobile devices, having been planned to release sometime this summer — is a rather minimalistic, real-time strategy game set across a series of procedurally-generated, isometrically-styled islands that require players to fend off invading armies of vikings.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s Morphies Law. Arguably one of the more interesting debutants during Nintendo’s Nindies showcase all the way back in February of last year, Morphies Law is a four-on-four online multiplayer shooter in which the twist here is that every shot to your opponent’s body will have an inverse effect on your own body parts. Resulting in a series of interesting and strategic gameplay choices that impacts how and where your player-character can or indeed can’t traverse depending on the shape/size of a given body part or limb. Developer Cosmoscope were even gracious (and honest) enough to state the game runs at “60ish FPS”. Having gone relatively dark on the update front following its reveal last year and a brief reminder last August, Morphies Law — along with the two other titles mentioned — looks to have finally seen the light of day. A PC version of the game will follow later this year.