Devil May Cry 5 Releasing in March

Fans far and wide were more than pleased to see the return of Devil May Cry during this year’s E3 with a [series standard] crazy, over-the-top trailer that clearly went back to the original world and cast of characters we last saw all the way back in 2008 with Devil May Cry 4. And Capcom left it to another convention, namely this year’s Gamescom, to finally give us a release date as to when we can all get back into that beloved Smokin’ Sick Style hack-and-slash gameplay. Devil May Cry 5 will release on March 8 for PS4, Xbox One & PC.

To coincide with the announcement, Capcom also dished out a new gameplay trailer, while did feature a lot of the areas and even some bosses that were briefly shown in its debut trailer, at least divulged a bit more into the range of skills and abilities main protagonist Nero will be getting his hands (normal and cybernetic alike) on. But if that wasn’t enough, in much the same fashion as E3, we were left with a closing teaser as to how series-protag (and spotlight-stealer) Dante would play — Capcom officially confirming Dante as the second of three playable characters. It’s saying something when a motorcycle that can split into two weapons and tear demons to shreds, feels right at home amidst the crazy antics of DMC. Check out the latest trailer below and be on the look out for what is clearly now a hotly anticipated title for 2019.