DICE Breaks Down Battlefield V’s The Company Feature

Battlefield V brings a handful of new features to the franchise, including The Company.

The Company is a player’s collection soldiers, weapons, and vehicles that grow and change the more you play. At launch, you’ll be able to create a company for each of the two factions, Britain and Germany. The more you play, the more achievements you’ll unlock in the game’s five progression ranks: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter.

Like in previous games, you’ll choose from one of four classes; Assault, Medic, Support, and Recon. From there, you’ll select a Combat Role, formerly known as Archetypes. Each class receives two roles at launch that’ll offer additional levels of customization. These roles provide additional flexibility to tackle different objectives.

Weapon unlocks will work similarly to Battlefield 1. Each class starts off with a base set of weapons with more unlocking as you purchase them with in-game currency. It is unknown if in-game currency is purchasable with real-world money. If it’s like Battlefield 1’s War Bonds, then no. You unlock weapon customization options through using the weapon. Vehicles, like weapons, have to be unlocked through in-game currency. How this works remains a mystery.

Battlefield V is out October 19 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.