Fifth and Final Major Patch Added to Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is regarded of one of the greatest games ever to emerge from the 16-bit era. It’s recent port to Steam was not initially met with a favorable response. The development team listened to the feedback, and over the course of several update patches the Steam version has transformed into someone fans of the game could get excited about. The fifth and final major content adds new key binding features for controller along with mouse and keyboard, a new Extras section that includes in game movies, illustrations, music and unlocked endings. Other changes have been made to various features, such as changes in the item selection window, default movement settings, name change menus, along with changes to to fix issues with PCs using specific graphics cards, screen sizes and other minor bugs.

As a thank you to the fans, Chrono Trigger will be discounted by fifty percent on Steam and thirty percent on mobile platforms today through August 28. Additionally, new wallpapers and avatars will be available for free download from Square Enix here.