It’s Dangerous to Go Alone So Mothergunship Adds Co-Op

There’s a lot of things you can bring along to turn a deadly mechanical horde into piles of scrap and loot.  A bigger gun, nice selection of perks, and experience in robo-carnage are all excellent things to have, but the best accessory is a friend to back you up.  When Mothergunship launched in July the co-op mode simply wasn’t ready yet but as of now it’s live in the game, allowing you to call in backup before starting the next run.  Whether you work together to defeat an overwhelming force throwing more bullets than seem possible for one room to hold, or argue about who gets which gun parts at the store, the MOTHERGUNfriendSHIP update has you covered.

Co-op works by heading into a room that was previously a locked door on the central lobby.  You can only call in friends, no random match-making, and it’s available almost instantly as soon as the tutorial mission is complete.  If one of you dies during a round there’s a few seconds for the other player to revive the first, and if that doesn’t work out the player turns into a shoulder turret until you get to a working resurrection booth.  Game progress is saved to the host, but the guest brings back any earned gun parts, experience, and cash earned in the run.

While the focus on the update is multiplayer there are a few other major adjustments in it as well.  The post-storyline end-game has been adjusted to make progress less grueling, the odds of shops and power-up drops have been bumped up, and there are a number of other quality-of-life improvements that make the journey to the mothergunship that much nicer.  Except for the new bomb-bots.  They’re jerks.