Gunhouse and Senran Kagura Bon Appetit Friday from Limited Run Games

The week is winding to an end so that means it’s time for the next round of releases from Limited Run Games.  Seeing as last week was a Switch game that means this Friday is given over completely to Sony, and it skews heavily towards the Vita.  The headliner for the week is Limited Run Games’ first team-up with XSEED in the form of the booby-bouncy food-rhythm game Senran Kagura Bon Appetit! Full Course.  This Vita-only release has all the DLC included on one handy cartridge, and it comes in both standard (4,800 copies) and Collector’s Edition  (3,000 copies).  The standard edition includes a full color manual plus reversible cover, while the Collector’s Edition also has a soundtrack, 24 character art cards, and a poster that cuts right to the heart of the series.

The second game for the week is Gunhouse, a combination tile-puzzle/tower defense game about matching patterns and then using the points to buy guns.  The puzzle well is in the house on the right of the screen, which is also what the guns get attached to, and enemies wander in from the left to hopefully get annihilated by the overwhelming might of the fruits of your puzzling prowess.  (Trailer here if you want a better idea of the game.)  It’s available for PS4 and Vita, 2,300 copies apiece, but there’s also a soundtrack edition that comes with an actual cassette with Disasterpeace’s music on it plus a nifty enamel pin.

Also running right now are the pre-order periods for three other games.  The Switch version of West of Loathing, a wonderfully goofy stick-figure Western-themed RPG, has a full week to go, while the PS4 game Everspace and PS4/Vita version of Bastion wrap up at the end of the day today, August 24.  There’s even a tiny handful of Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds left.  Basically, there’s a lot going on right now, and whether it’s been on the site for a while or going live soon, it should make for a very busy Friday.