NPD Group: Switch Best Selling Hardware for July, Octopath Traveler Best Selling Software

NPD Group have released their latest monthly data covering video game sales in the US and it looks like Nintendo have scooped top billing for both hardware and software alike, after what’s been a resurgent period for their nearest competitor, Sony and the PS4. It’s the seventh month that the Switch has found itself the best-selling hardware of that month, since its launch in March 2017. Though while the Switch’s continuing commercial success may not come as much of a surprise, Square Enix’s uniquely-looking Octopath Traveler, a third-party exclusive for the platform, is indeed far more note-worthy.

In fact, the acclaimed JRPG even managed to claim the top spot without even factoring in digital sales. It’s already been confirmed that the game has broken the million mark since its release on July 13 and has even suffered stock shortages in Square’s native land of Japan due to popular demand — eager fans advised to resort to digital copies instead. But even outside the top spots, it’s been a relatively good month for Nintendo with a further four of the top ten games of July, being completely first-party titles. Even so, the PS4 remains the best-selling console thus far of 2018 with Xbox too seeing an increase of 60% in hardware sales as well.