Detective Pikachu Movie Coming in May

During the 2018 Pokémon World Championships some updates were revealed for the film based on the Detective Pikachu game. News of its production and casting were slow at start but has recently picking up steam. The director and actors were in attendance at the event with some more details.

It will be the first ever live action adaptation of the Pokémon series. Rob Letterman, Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton were on-stage and actually included the crowd in a shot that is going to be used in the film. Chants in favor of Pikachu and Charizard came from the audience that will be placed in a pivotal moment of the movie. A new logo was revealed as well and has a very neon glow. Perhaps that will hint at the art style in some way.

The other big news from the event come in a release window. May 2019 is the scheduled time frame but social media posts list it for summer 2019, so of course subject to change.