Review: Logitech G PRO Gaming Mouse

Logitech has been all in on working with e-sports professionals to design new equipment. Its PRO line of peripherals has included a mechanical keyboard and a headset to offer the best experience for professional gamers. Now, the company has released a mouse to complete the line. The Logitech G PRO Mouse will be the lightest mouse on the market. It comes with the option of either being wired or wireless using Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC technology. Most importantly, the PRO mouse includes the new HERO sensor includes that allows for precision accuracy and instantaneous response. It’s also worth noting that the Overwatch Championship team not only used a prototype of this mouse, but they also attributed it to helping them win.

The wireless version of the PRO Gaming Mouse includes the patented Logitech G LIGHTSPEED technology. The box includes the tiny USB adapter that can be easily stored within the mouse itself. Weighing in at 80 grams, it’s shocking how light this mouse is. The direction of the design of this mouse comes straight from what the world’s top e-sports athletes desired, fifty athletes to be exact. This was also over the course of two years. The wireless mouse includes an ambidextrous shape with removable buttons on both sides of the mouse. Both main mouse buttons support fifty million clicks, so the durability is there. Adding to the weight is a 1mm thin wall with a unique endoskeleton design consisting of mechanical switches and a spring button tension system.

Coupled with the LIGHTSPEED technology is the compatibility of Logitech’s POWERPLAY technology. This allows compatible wireless mice to recharge on-the-fly with the POWERPLAY Mouse Pad. It does not, however, include the POWERPLAY battery yet has the cover for it. Removing the cover can lessen the weight even more. The battery is no slouch as it allows up to 48 hours of continuous play. The mouse will also go to sleep to save on energy if you leave it on. Both mice do include RGB that can be customized through the Logitech G Software.

The HERO 16K sensor is the most accurate sensor Logitech has implemented

The new HERO sensor for this mouse line will be the most accurate to date. Logitech also plans on releasing previous mice with this new HERO sensor going forward. It includes ten times the power efficiency of previous generations along with zero smoothing, 400 IPS precision and sensitivity up to 16,000 DPI. With the test sessions I did with a variety of games including FPS, RTS, sports and Diablo, at times I would realize just how instant it was. Combine that with how light this is and the effort was minimal with an instantaneous response with no lag every time.

The wireless and wired versions have a few different designs. The wireless includes the logo as RGB, while the wired includes the logo and a light ring around the lower exterior. The wired is more aesthetically pleasing in that regard, but this probably has to do with the battery life of the wireless mouse. There are RGB indicators on the wireless mouse for selecting the DPI settings for the on-board memory. The wireless mouse includes six slots for on-board memory, while the wired has five.

The wired version of the Logitech G PRO Gaming Mouse features the same lightweight design and a bit more RGB for a cheaper price

While fifty e-sports professionals helped design this, I have one major issue. The wireless mouse includes the button to change DPI settings on the bottom of the mouse. For gamers that don’t know exactly what they want and want to change quickly on-the-fly, this can get annoying. Players may not want to hit the button on the top by accident, but having to flip it over every time you want to change something in the heat of a battle doesn’t seem smart. Strangely, the wired version includes the button on the top. Lastly, the wired only includes side buttons on the left side of the mouse.

The precision of the mice is something to marvel at and the technology involved can justify the price. Going back to the G703 from the PRO wireless, the weight was night and day, but a mouse like the G703 still has similar technology for $99. The Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse retails for $150, which may be worth it for the technology involved and how serious a gamer is in becoming a professional. It has the tools to give players the competitive edge if that is what they are looking for. The wired mouse that features the same HERO sensor and lightweight design and a little more RGB retails for $70. That is a steal in comparison even though it lacks the ambidextrous design and removable buttons.

The ambidextrous design along with LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY makes usage for the wireless mouse completely accessible

Closing Comments:

Logitech continues to find new ways to innovate its mice design with professional gamers in mind. Working with professionals caters to that specific demographic in terms of what they desire, but it may not line up for less hardcore gamers who aren’t trying to go out and compete but rather be the best player in their online squads. I can appreciate the lightweight design and accuracy as it makes a big difference in performance and the portability of the wireless mouse is also a benefit. The launch price of the wireless version is the only gripe I have, while the launch price of the wired offers an amazing piece of technology for the price. The wireless lacking the component to make use of POWERPLAY is also a problem for that price tag. If you’re looking to be the best, the Logitech G PRO Gaming Mouse is what you need to get a leg up on your game.

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