Get Ready for the NA LCS Summer Playoffs with this Teaser

The League of Legends NA LCS Summer Playoffs are here and it should be a crazy one.

Every team this split has struggled at one point or another making this a pretty even set up. Fortunately, the playoffs are a Bo5 series and not one-offs, so we’ll get to see the full strength of each team. Adaptations are sure to be abound, meaning Bjerg definitely shouldn’t see Akali too many more times.

Today, we have Echo Fox taking on Team SoloMid. This also happens to be the first match of the four tiebreakers we saw on Monday. In that matchup, Echo Fox took home the win pretty steadily. As mentioned before, however, they’ll have to do that three times to move on to the next round and TSM have been on the up and up lately.

Whoever wins may be the opponent of Team Liquid who get their choice of the first two Quarterfinal matchup winners. Regardless, Echo Fox and TSM kick off at 4 p.m. CDT.