Devolver Digital Pits Ninja Gaiden Creators Against The Messenger

The Messenger is a game that is heavily-inspired by Ninja Gaiden, and as a result, has drawn comparisons to that classic since it was first unveiled. Devolver had Yoshizawa, the producer/director of Ninja Gaiden and Yamagishi, its sound designer tackle The Messenger and see how it compared to Ninja Gaiden. The pair had a chance to play The Messenger at BitSummit and sat down once again to play it now. They were impressed by the time-shifting gates that turn the game from 8-bit style into 16-bit style and change the look and feel of your hazards.

They enjoyed the underwater section and talked about Nintendo requesting an underwater scene in the NES version of Ninja Gaiden. The ninja and sword mechanic pay homage to NG, but it also has a sense of humor that was never in that series on the NES.┬áThe Messenger will be released on August 30 on the PC via Steam and GOG and for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop. We will have a review up and see just how well the final game compares to the demo that two of Ninja Gaiden’s creators enjoyed a great deal.