Microsoft Announces Xbox All Access Plans for Xbox One

The Xbox One as a gaming device is one of the best values you can get right now. With Xbox Game Pass, you have the ability to play over 100 games for a minimal monthly fee and Microsoft frequently puts that on a super-sale. Xbox Live Gold gives you four free games every month and the two 360 games are always yours even if you let the subscription lapse. However, the high up-front cost of a console is something that no console manufacturer has sought to address – until now. Microsoft has partnered with Dell’s credit services to offer Xbox All Access plans for both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Getting an Xbox One S with two years of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox All Access costs you $21.99. Swapping out an Xbox One X brings the price up to $34.99 per month. Both consoles have a 0% APR interest rate over 24 months. There are some big keys to this. one is that you can only do this in a Microsoft Store and it does require you to open up a line of credit with Dell Preferred – so you will take a hit on your credit. This is great way to get either console and pay for it over time – which is easier to budget for each month than just taking $300 or $500 out for a console, not counting the other costs of Gold and Live. If you have solid credit, this is a good value overall – but given that it requires a credit check, it is unlikely to help a great number of people who otherwise couldn’t afford an Xbox console since you do have to get credit approval for it.