Parkasaurus Thundering to Early Access With Date Announcement Trailer

Being safe is easy.  All you need to do is never do anything interesting or fun ever again, like visit a dinosaur-zoo.  Sure, the safety record may be a bit iffy, but the giants of pre-history are so incredible that it’s worth the slight chance of being eaten.  Or at least that’s how you want to present your Park of Imminent Thunder Lizard Doom, so that the evolved monkeys currently running the planet see themselves as out for a thrilling day’s adventure rather than a clumsy tail-swipe away from being flattened.  Build a park, terraform the exhibits, and sink the profits into yanking more dinosaurs into the present.  It’s both profitable and the dinos get to not be obliterated by an asteroid, so win-win.

Parkasaurus is a cute, colorful fusion of Jurassic Park and Roller Coaster Tycoon, where you need to juggle all the park-building decisions of the latter and the safety concerns of the former in order to thrive.  As of today it’s got an official Early Access launch date of September 25, complete with a trailer to give a hint what’s in store.  Take a look below to see a unique mix of bloodless cartoony carnage, park management, and dinosaurs in goofy hats.