Urban Life Sandbox Sim Damnview: Built From Nothing Announced

Sindiecate Arts and developers Brainwash Gang are no strangers to bleakness, having made the nihilist platformer Nongünz last year. But for their next collaboration, they’re moving away from twisted fantasy and into urban life, as seen with Damnview: Built From Nothing. A sandbox title about despair, capitalism, survival, and success, among other things, the recently-announced game appears to be quite ambitious.

However, as seen in the announcement trailer below, there’s a twist to Damnview: Built From Nothing. Well, two twists, actually. One is that the game takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals, like a gritty Zootopia or Animal Crossing. And the other twist is that this sandbox title takes the form of a top-down game with a 16-bit retro style. Combined, it creates a rather effective contrast to the dark tales to be told here, as seen in the animation.

In order to make it through a world like this, players will have to earn money by any means. Mop floors, drive cars, sell drugs, the usual. You’ll also run into the different societal classes and cultures in the city, full of many stories. And those that may end up stabbing you in the back. Damnview: Built From Nothing certainly looks like one brutal and interesting game, and we can’t wait to see more of it. The game arrives in 2019 for PC and consoles, but will be at PAX West this weekend to check out, so don’t miss it.