Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek to Build the Series’ Story Even Further

Hello Neighbor may not have been a critical darling when it was released last year, but it apparently still has a huge enough following to basically become one of tinyBuild’s flagship franchises now. So in addition to the Secret Neighbor expansion and the tie-in novels, now we have Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek. The series’ lore has quickly become one of its strengths, and now we get a prequel exploring what happened before the game’s events. Needless to say, as the main game and the new trailer below show, it isn’t a happy story.

Focusing this time around on the Neighbor’s kids, we get to see them playing with their imaginations as tragedy strikes. Curiously enough, no genre has been listed for the game yet, just that it’s a “dramatic prequel” to things. Although judging by the clip, it appears to be a narrative-focused first-person adventure game. So will this shift involving the offspring of a horror villain work out? Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is set to appear at PAX West, so we’ll get our first answer soon. The rest of us won’t have to wait long, as Hide and Seek comes out for PC later this year.