Lazy Bear Games Reveals Streamlined RPG Swag and Sorcery

Despite what their name may imply, developers Lazy Bear Games are anything but. After the surprise hit of Punch Club and this year’s recent release of Graveyard Keeper, they’re already back with another game. Once again teaming up with tinyBuild, the publisher announced the new title during their PAX West press conference, Swag and Sorcery. Not much has been revealed about it yet, but you can check out the first glimpse of things in the trailer below.

As the title implies, the game is a fantasy RPG revolving around managing resources, loot, and gear. Unorthodox gear included, as you can see in the clip. Strengthening up heroes in various ways, players can send them out and monitor up to three quests at once. It looks like a rather unique spin on role-playing games, so it may be worth a look. Luckily, Swag and Sorcery will be at PAX West alongside tinyBuild’s other games for such a look. For everyone else, though, you’ll have to wait until 2019 for Swag and Sorcery.