Cloud9 Take Down Team SoloMid

Cloud9 have beaten Team SoloMid in the NA LCS Summer Split semifinals.

It’s been an incredible year for Cloud9 and their biggest test yet was facing Team SoloMid in the semifinals today. The last time C9 beat TSM in a Bo5 was back in 2014. Since then it has been TSM dominance mostly in split finals.

Today, however, C9 brought it back with their 7-man roster to beat TSM 3-2. After their loss in Game 3 C9 made the switch from Jensen and Blaber to Goldenglue and Svenskeren. This switch allowed them to change up their strategies and nullify Bjergsen a bit.

With this win under their belt C9 are waiting to see who they’re facing in the NA LCS Summer Split Grand Finals. With a win, they auto-qualify for Worlds 2018. A loss means they have to navigate the gauntlet.

You can catch the full series here.