How Destiny 2: Forsaken is Moving Forward for Year 2

As Destiny 2: Forsaken gears up for release on September 4 (just a few days) Bungie has mad sure to outline what Destiny 2 will look like going forward. The times they are a changing with the Destiny 2 that launched a thing of the past and many things familiar looking quite different.

Like many titles today, Destiny 2 participates in what it calls Seasons, a set amount of time for players to quest hard, collect rewards and gear up with that sweet loot. Instead of a number going forward for Forsaken, the initial kick-off is simply called Outlaw. Aside from completing the main meat of Forsaken’s campaign players can expect continually updates of new activities with rewards and plenty of secrets to discover. After Seasons of the Outlaw runs its course, each season will be allotted a three-month time slot with the subsequent Season rolling out immediately after completely free.

Along with Forsaken comes a new Annual Pass, but with a twist on how it worked when Destiny 2 launched. Instead of getting whatever expansion is coming, players will be delivered content in the form of Black Armory, Joker’s Wild and Penumbra offering up new experience pertaining to certain endgame activities, modes, discovery and challenges that will fluidly flow with an ever-changing game while offering prestigious rewards for the most dedicated Guardians. Bungie has even included a handy post-launch road-map as seen below:

As always, stick around for more information on Year 2 of Destiny 2: Forsaken as it rolls out. The changes to the universe of Guardians have already begun; earlier in the week update 2.0 rolled out and has had drastic effects on how Guardians handle play. See you in space Guardian.