Dragon Quest XI Locked Door Locations

Throughout your travels through the vast world of Dragon Quest XI, you will encounter various locked doors you won’t be able to access until much later on. There are two types of keys to be acquired, one that is mandatory for the story to continue, while the other is optional. Hopefully this guide will help you locate any doors you may have forgotten about along your journey.

Magic Key

This is a story related key that you won’t be able to miss, and it will unlock various red doors across the world you may have spotted, exclusively in cities and in the field. The second key is where you will be able to unlock those mysterious ones in dungeons.



  • Wristorative Accessory


Dundrasil Region

  • Mini Medals x3



  • Making the Magic Happen Recipes
  • Seed of Skills
  • 2,000 Gold Coins
  • Sprig of Pretty Betsy
  • Mini Medal



  • Divine Designs Recipes
  • Seed of Magic
  • Dieamend
  • Mini-Medal


Downtown Heliodor

  • 5,000 Gold Coins


The Hotto Steppe

  • Banishing Blade


Insula Australis (Island)

  • Slime Crown


Insula Centralis (Island)

  • Phial of Sainted Soma


Insula Occidentalis (Island)

  • Falcon Blade


L’Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles – Downstairs

  • Thunderball
  • Uniforme de l’Academie



  • Zombie Mail
  • Mini Medal
  • Seed of Life


Phnom Nonh

  • Secrets of the Silversmiths Recipes
  • Phial of Sage’s Elixir


Puerto Valor

  • Falcon Knife Earring


Sniflheim – Periphery

  • Access to Sniflheim (Story Related)


Zwaardsrust – Ruins

  • Classy Clobber for Kingly Kids Recipes
  • Enchanted Stones
  • Purple Orb
  • Choker


Ultimate Key

The Ultimate Key is located in Havens Above – Place of Legends, which is where the giant memorial is that describes the unfortunate history of the world. It’s located in a treasure chest right in the middle of the area and probably best to grab it when you first visit here to talk to the elder. This key unlocks the remaining doors across the world which is indicated by a silver lock on the map.


The Battlegrounds

  • The Holiest Harp Side Quest (from Havens Above)
  • The Way of the War Goddess Recipes
  • Chunk of Densinium (mining)
  • Chunk of Orichalcum (mining)
  • Dracolyte (mining)


The Cryptic Crypt – Cell Block (Dungeon)

  • Field Manual Recipes
  • Metal King Jacket
  • Malicious Pandora’s Box (Seed of Skill)


Gallopolis – Well

  • Fire Ball



  • Agate of Evolution
  • Mini Medal
  • Sprig of Pretty Betsy
  • 50,000 Gold Coins


Heliodor Dungeons – Lower Level

  • King of the Swindlers Recipes
  • Skull Helm


Insula Incognita (Island)

  • Gifts from the Goddess Recipes


Insula Occidentalis (Island)

  • Metal King Armour


Insula Orientalis (Island)

  • Circles of Life Recipes


Phnom Nonh

  • Gold Bar


Puerto Valor

  • Piece of Technicolour Dreamcloth


Sniflheim Castle – Basement

  • Badges of Honour Recipes
  • Chronocrystal


Champs Sauvage – Whale Way Station

  • Mini Medals x3


The Hotto Steppe – Northern Whale Way Station

  • Sizzling Styles Recpies


Manglegrove – Whale Way Station

  • Chronocrystal x3


Sniflheim – Whale Way Station

  • Sage Advice Recipe