Williams Tables Find New Home with Zen Pinball

Well that didn’t take very long!  The Pinball Arcade lost the license to the Williams and Bally pinball machines back in June, and as of today it’s announced they’ve landed safe and sound in the hands of Zen Pinball.  Not only that, but if you hop onto Steam, right-click to pull up Properties on Pinball FX 3, and head to the Betas tab, you can play right this very second Medieval Madness, Junkyard, Fish Tales, and High Speed II: The Getaway.  Seeing as it’s all very early this is the only way to see them at the moment, but the plan is to release as much of the full Williams library as Zen Studios can pump out to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One as well as PC and Mac.  The current crop of tables will eventually be properly released as Williams Pinball Volume 1, but The Pinball Arcade lost a total of 61 tables so there should be a lot more coming after this.