A Few Helpful Tips to Get Started in Destiny 2: Forsaken

It’s new expansion time with Bungie rolling out Destiny 2: Forsaken this week and with it comes all sorts of changes that might as well be an entirely new game…OK maybe not entirely. Forsaken does change quite a bit, though, and if freshly coming back or starting up these little list of helpful tips should set any Guardian on the right path to taking it easy while enjoying the most of Forsaken; this is not an end all be all just some things noticed in the initial first few hours that will make getting through The Reef and the rest of the galaxy easier when taking down the big bad Uldren.

Immediately Head to the Tower

This is an easy one but an important first step. Due to all the change that has come with Forsaken getting one’s bearings on what all has changed with menus and inventory will be the most important. There are now Triumphs to be tracked, Collections to be had and an assortment of other things that are all around different. The Cryptarch can now break down Shaders in quantities of five; all those Shaders going to no use? Head over to Rhaul and he’ll be happy to get rid of them quickly as you can hit a button over and over (took me less than five minutes to get ride of most of my useless Shaders). Players returning might also notice that all of the modifications are null and void. This is due to the entirely revamped modification system, so might as well delete those too. Don’t freak out seeing that light level of certain items has gone down, this is just the modifications being useless and one’s Light Level going up will quickly fix this.

Get to the Spider ASAP

New expansion means new story, new story means new area and new area means new NPCs to give out fun stuff. Upon the initial Prison Break and Cayde’s death, Guardians will immediately make their way to The Tangled Shore in tracking down the escapees. The leader of this tangled web is a wonderful Fallen NPC named Spider. Spider helps in getting the ball rolling in tracking down the big-bads and seeking vengeance upon Uldren. He also is extremely helpful in getting one’s Light Level up the easy way. Sure, he sells the resources needed to now infuse gear into other gear, but honestly that will cost some serious glimmer. If not wanting to farm glimmer while wasting time, instead start chipping away at those bounties he has available. This is an easy first step in getting solid legendary gear that won’t break the bank or ones will. This will see Guardians returning to areas familiar such as the EDZ while heading into Lost Sectors to hunt those who’ve broken out of Prison. These are not the main Wardens in the main quest but regular high-level enemies that upon killing will complete a bounty for good gear. The Bounties stick around for a week making it a solid initial jumping off point.

A Guardian is the Weapon

No matter if playing a Titan, Hunter or Warlock, each subclass now comes with an additional Attunement within it adding some spectacular new powers. Take the Warlocks Dawnblade which now has Attunement of Grace allowing for a super that slams a flaming sword into the ground creating a super rift that does AoE damage, is twice as large as a regular rift and grants both healing with empowering capabilities at the same time. It’s the ultimate team work class. Get to known the new Attunements because they are more than fun — they’re worth it. Getting these new Attunements isn’t easy, though, as Guardians will have to collect Visions of Light an item that looks like a glowing blue feather that only drops from powerful enemies. After enough have been collected, a quest will appear guiding the Guardian forward. The entire Attunement doesn’t unlock right away either, Forsaken wants the player to feel like they’ve earned being more powerful. Unlocking all the sub-classes won’t be done in a day and that’s a good thing.

Gear is a Guardian’s Best Friend

Become familiar with how weapons work now. Bungie made it a big deal that the weapon system would be changing drastically and it has. While the initial roll of out of these changes was a few weeks ago with update 2.0, Guardians are seeing the full force of these changes now that Forsaken has dropped. Weapons have returned to how things were in Destiny (1) with completely random rolls while certain weapons now find themselves in entirely new slots. The same weapon can drop five times and each time will come with different stats and abilities. This makes for some fun mixing/matching. To make things even easier, if a certain perk works well for one’s play style, putting that perk on the new gun only requires the dismantling of whatever version of the weapon not wanted but getting to keep the perks in modification form that are wanted. Then it’s simple as slapping it on the weapon kept. Forsaken is all about being user friendly and wants Guardians to make the most of their toys. Now that certain weapons find themselves in new slots such as Snipers or Shotguns being in all three slots of Primary, Secondary and Heavy, mixing and matching is highly encouraged. Play around with different load-outs because the possibilities have become greater. I found myself with a Shotgun in my Primary, a Sniper in my Secondary and my trusty Rocket Launcher in my Heavy. It was a blast and while I’ve switched it out since then it was fun playing around seeing how these new combinations favor each other. Pro-tip: Bows. That is all.

Guardians Just Need to Have Fun

This might be the cheesiest tip in here, but have fun. Bungie has made it a point to make Forsaken a long, drawn out affair and wants players to enjoy Forsaken not blindly rush through it and feel like nothing was gained. There is so much to do and see with Forsaken that anyone who is breezing through it in a day saying that they saw nothing probably hasn’t seen it all. Yes, the main story can be had in a day, but that’s not the hobby part of Forsaken that Bungie was pushing that was just the initial leap. Forsaken is a deep pool with so many secrets, loot and other things to be had it’s impossible to see it all within the week. Bungie has wised up to how players tackled Destiny and they want Guardians to get the most out of their play time. Whether playing intensely for hours on end day to day or logging in for just a few hours to an hour, there’s always something to do; a quest to be chased, a new piece of gear to be had or a mystery to be solved. There is no shortage of what’s in Forsaken and having only spent less than a day in it, it’s clear that the Forsaken is only showing the tip of the iceberg.