Nintendo Direct Presentation Announced for September 6

It’s a big surprise for Nintendo fans to see yet another Nintendo Direct presentation coming soon. We just got a mini-mobile game one days ago and it hasn’t been too long since some of the others such as Nindies and Smash Bros. Ultimate. This time we are getting a look at some Switch and 3DS titles.

The video will start at 3:00 PM PST which is 6:00 PM EST. Currently, the run time will last about 35 minutes which is a pretty hefty amount. We are getting a look at some upcoming titles for the 3DS and Switch which may be easy to speculate. Luigi’s Mansion as well as Mario + Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story are two possible 3DS announcements. Switch could have a number of new reveals as well as more about Smash.

We will have to wait a little over 24 hours to find out! Watch the presentation on the official website and stay tuned for more details.