Mega Man 11 Demo Available Now For Switch, New Boss Revealed

We’ve already talked about how Mega Man 11 is gearing up to deliver classic gameplay while still having a fresh twist back at E3 a few months ago. But shouldn’t everyone else who hasn’t been able to attend events like these get a taste of things as well? Well, fear not! Capcom has heard your cries for a taste of the Blue Bomber’s return and has released a surprise demo! Well, for the Switch at least. XB1 and PS4 owners will have to wait until tomorrow, September 7, for the demo.

The new demo, available now in the eShop, features the stage of the first Robot Master revealed for Mega Man 11, Block Man. Having taken a quick shot at it ourselves, it’s a nice introductory stage, while still putting up a challenge. And to help promote this demo, Capcom have announced the “Bust Block Man” community challenge! Basically, once you defeat Block Man, take a snapshot of the victory and post it on social media with the hashtag #BustBlockMan. The more defeats captured, the more you chip away at a statue of the Robot Master. Take it down, and players get a set of single-use items to use in the full game proper.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Capcom used the announcement to also debut the game’s latest Robot Master: Bounce Man. A former exercise instructor who almost looks like a cross between Astro Man and Clown Man from Mega Man 8, Bounce Man has set up shop in Boing-Boing Park, an indoor amusement park turned deadly. As seen in the trailer contained in the tweet below, he may look unorthodox, but don’t let that fool you. The new clip also provides a refresher on the other Robot Masters, as well as various features. Mega Man 11 comes out on October 2 for all major platforms, and looks to hopefully be worth the wait.