Pig Eat Ball Serves Up Release Date Trailer

Pigs will eat almost anything given half a chance, but Princess Bow is a little more picky.  Her royal taste is for tennis balls, which oddly enough comes in incredibly handy when trying to win the games her father set up to earn her hand in marriage.  The idea of sitting back and becoming a literal trophy wife is completely unacceptable so she puts on a disguise and enters the Royal Games, although why these games were set up around the central mechanic of eating balls and barfing them up again is a bit of a mystery.  It’s probably best to just accept that weirdness runs through every facet of the massive space station and just run with it.  Eat balls to fatten up, barf them out to slim down, and collect them all to beat a couple hundred levels of endlessly-varying challenge.  There was a large demo released back in April that shows off a little of what’s in store, so give it a look in preparation of the madness to come.

The non-console versions of Pig Eat Ball are just about done so it’s time for a release trailer.  It comes out on September 27 on PC and Mac, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be along at an unspecified later time.