The Surge Goes Wild West in Latest Expansion

While developer Deck13 may be hard at work on the follow-up sequel to their 2017 action RPG, The Surge — which was announced all the way back in February of this year — that hasn’t stopped them, it would appear, from adding still to the sci-fi themed world they had initially established with the original release in the form of a brand new expansion.

The first expansion and piece of downloadable content since A Walk in the Park which released in December of last year, The Good, The Bad & The Augmented finds players trudging through
abandoned CERO Quality Assurance labs wherein you can even modify the challenge of the test chambers one has undertake, in order to yield better rewards. How this is applied is unclear as were a lot of things in the accompanying teaser trailer which you can view below. It’s not much — or long for that matter — but clearly Deck13 are going all-in with the wild west theme. The Surge’s The Good, The Bad & The Augmented releases October 2 for PS4, Xbox One & PC.