Broforce Now Bringing More ’80s Action to The Switch

Devolver Digital’s recent “Summer of Devolver” event for the Nintendo Switch has been a huge success all around. But while The Messenger was clearly the highlight of the event with its Ninja Gaiden-style gameplay, Devolver is not done with ’80s action on the console. So alongside other ports from the publisher, Free Lives’ side-scrolling, testosterone-filled action game Broforce now has a Switch version. Available now, Nintendo fans can get in on the run-and-gun gameplay and ’80s action expies that made Broforce a success.

Nothing has really changed for the Switch version, with the same setup about taking down terrorism, aliens, and Satan. However, the Switch version has caused us to realize that we never reported on the game’s kickass animated launch trailer, for some bizarre reason. And since that same trailer accompanies the new port, let us remedy that with the clip below. Broforce is now available on the eShop, and should please any fans of action and ultimate crossovers.