Cross-Pollinate Like Nobody’s Watching in Mendel

There are games for shooting, hunting, farming, fishing, sportsing, dancing, automating, exploring, flying, and just about any other activity under the sun.  Somehow with this abundance of activities there’s still not much out there for one’s internal geneticist.  That poor, playful biologist yearning to break free from a neglected pit in your soul can finally have its day in the sun with Mendel, a low-poly adventure about combining alien plants to see what happens.  Like its namesake, Gregor Mendel, you cross-breed flowers, herbs, trees, and any other growing leafy weirdness for no other reason than to play god with an innocent planet’s ecosystem.  It’s a game of chill exploration, both physically to see what the island has to offer and genetically, breeding the traits from one generation to the next as the plants mutate into new species.  There’s no pressure outside of your own curiosity, and the peaceful world is free of any danger.  The island is a perfect environment for mad hybridization science, learning which traits are dominant or recessive and breeding for the ones you want, until the ecosystem is both unrecognizable from its original state and exactly as you’d like it to be.

Mendel is available as of today on and Steam.  Check out the launch trailer below to see high-intensity plant gathering and hybridization at its finest.