Final Fantasy XV Sales Surpass 8.1 Million Units

Square Enix Japan today provided updated sales figures for the latest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XV.

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is almost upon us, and you can bet that Square Enix will be there. With new content set to arrive for Final Fantasy XV soon, you can expect to hear more about the game in the coming months. Due to this, there’s no surprise that the game continues to sell well nearly two years after launch.

On their Japanese site, Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will not only be at Tokyo Game Show, but has also sold over 8.1 million copies worldwide. While we don’t have complete sales figures for every game in the franchise, estimates from Reddit name Final Fantasy XV as the fourth-best selling game in the franchise. Only VII, X, and VIII have sold more. It should be noted that the estimates include sales of the original release and all subsequent ports.

Final Fantasy XV is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Episode Ardyn, the first of four new story expansions, is due for arrival early 2019.