Long-Awaited Dieselpunk RPG Insomnia: The Ark Gets a Release Date

Eight years is an incredibly long time for any game to be in development. But if a lot of love is put into the game, it can all be very rewarding (just ask D-Pad Studio and Owlboy). And hopefully the sci-fi dieselpunk RPG Insomnia: The Ark ends up being a quality product worthy of such a reward. Developers Studio Mono have been working on it for so long, and now it will finally see the light of day, as a September 27 release date has been announced for the title.

Accompanied by a new trailer seen below, the video wastes no name in showcasing everything the game has to offer. Sixty hours of content, dozens of weapons and items to equip, hundreds of NPCs, twelve endings, and more. Surrounding all this is a good chunk of gameplay footage, featuring a good amount of action as our hero attempts to survive aboard a degrading space station. Insomnia: The Ark will hit PC later this month, and may definitely be one for die-hard RPG fans to check out.