Marvel’s Spider-Man Secret Photo Ops Guide

Insomniac Games’ video game iteration of everyone’s favorite webslinger is finally out and it’s mostly a pretty straightforward adventure. While there’s an open world to explore, most of the side activities and extras are shown on the map, at least for the Secret Photo Ops. These are little Easter Egg-esque things around the world that reference the Spider-Man lore.

We have included a map showing all of the photo ops locations, organized based on the district. What you will be looking for is pieces of art in the world scribbled on walls, structures, statues and pivotal pieces of Spider-Man lore. There is a special equippable item that you will obtain much later on in the game, but it won’t show you the exact location on the map. You’ll just have to be in the vicinity for it to pop up on the mini-map. This should help narrow down all 50.