PAX West 2018: Super Meat Boy Forever is the Sequel we Need

Super Meat Boy took gamers by storm with its challenging difficulty and fun, easy-to-pick-up gameplay. Its managed to remain popular due to its overwhelming difficulty that causes players to get frustrated and leave, only to come back and try to conquer what they’ve left undone. While it was a struggle to finish, and often feeling nearly impossible to see through to full completion, it kept players constantly coming back for more. Super Meat Boy Forever takes an entirely new direction by taking away all control when it comes to running and instead focusing on quick thinking and fast-paced action along the way. All this while still being extremely difficult to boot.

The tale of Super Meat Boy Forever as shown in the demo’s cutscene begins some unknown time after the previous title has ended. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are happily together along with the newest addition to their family, Nugget. This happiness is very abruptly cut short when Dr. Fetus whisks their young child away. Angry and wanting their child back, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl set their sites to doing one simple thing; running him down. Meat Boy, along side Bandage Girl, is once again set on a quest to track down someone important. Unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of chaos and saw blades that stand in the way.

While the first was all about precision platforming and planning every last precise movement, Super Meat Boy Forever takes out one teensy aspect by making it an endless runner. The character, either Meat Boy or Bandage Girl depending on who is chosen, will run endlessly on their way to get back their son Nugget. Along these paths are predictable Meat Boy hazards such as sawblades, bottomless pits and enemies. Controls are easy to pick up with simple jump and punch commands being the main aspect to remember. Unlike the previous game, the main heroes are able to punch through enemies in their path in order to help them progress or simply get rid of them in their path. This includes the new sliding punch, and a downward punch to get to the ground quickly.

While a runner is a very different direction for a platforming masterpiece like Meat Boy to go, it fits extremely well with the overall style. Levels are no less challenging than before with even the easiest difficulty, appropriately called hard, leadind to quick deaths within the first levels getting started. With three difficulties, the return of dark world and planned bandage girl levels there is a lot here that will make it just as infuriatingly fun as before. Some of the simplicity of gameplay was included to make it accessible to those on mobile, as Super Meat Boy had been a high request for those on handheld patforms. With a simple two button system it seems a no-brainer it would be easily feesible for phones and tablets so anyone will be able to pick up and play.

Although vastly different in general mechanics from its predecessor, Super Meat Boy Forever is shaping up to be a supremely ideal sequel to the beloved difficult platformer. Instead of simply being more of the same, the difficulty lies more in accurate button presses and timing in addition to some light level memorization at times. While it may at first seem easier because of this, Super Meat Boy Forever is still ready to spread meat and bandage goo over every last level with every last death trap available. There’s no definitive release date just yet, as the team is still at work on the crazy amount of segmented levels, but players can look out to Super Meat Boy Forever coming to every current console, PC and even mobile.