Twin Mirror’s Noir Tone Reveals Itself in Latest Dev Diary

Bandai Namco have dished out another new, brief behind-the-scenes look at Dontnod’s upcoming episodic adventure (no, not that one) Twin Mirror. In the latest dev diary, which you can view below, we get to see a bit more of the game’s setting — the fictional town of Basswood, based on the Rust Belt locales of West Virginia — as well as main protagonist Samuel Higgs’ former connections to his hometown.

As a once thriving industrial town now hit hard with economic struggles, Basswood is naturally home to a slew of civilians and secondary characters all under the strain of what the developers describe as a complicated “social context”. At this point then, Dontnod aren’t shying away from the fact the game borrows from the film noir and thriller genres when carving out the tone of the overall game. Twin Mirror’s first episode, Lost on Arrival, will release for PS4, Xbox One & PC sometime in 2019.