Yakuza Studio Unveil New IP Judge Eyes

After teasing that a new IP would be shown off prior to the start of this year’s Tokyo Games Show, Sega did indeed keep to their word and during a Sony-hosted PlayStation Lineup presentation earlier today, the team behind the Yakuza series gave us the first insight into their new IP, Judge Eyes or Project Judge as it’s currently referred to for the West.

Judge Eyes is a murder-mystery/self-described “courtroom thriller” centering around main protagonist, lawyer Takayuki Yagami and his quest to unravel a string of gruesome murders. Gameplay-wise, Judge Eyes is certainly reminiscent of a lot of the Yakuza series’ melee-based combat, but Judge Eyes does deviate in parts as players take on a more detective-esque role — infiltrating particular locales, disguising themselves and even doing a bit of investigation alongside. Check out the game’s first story trailer below, but also be sure to catch a glimpse of its gameplay too here. Judge Eyes/Project Judge will release in the West for PS4, sometime in 2019.