Everybody’s Golf Swinging Onto PSVR

Golf has been trying to break out of the standard videogame control system for years with varying amounts of success.  Tiger Woods on Wii was very close to fantastic but always looked dated, while the move controllers back in the PS3 days had serious tracking issues that made a fast, hard swing an exercise in randomness.   Then there was the problem of not staring at the tv while taking the swing, which was just about the most perfect way imaginable to remind the player that they’re a dork in the living room rather than a pro on the links.  The promise of immersion through motion was strong but the payoff never quite landed.  VR has had a few good attempts at filling in the gaps but so far nothing has fully delivered on that front either.  That could change soon, though, thanks to today’s announcement of Everybody’s Golf VR.

While full details are forthcoming, what’s known so far is that it’s being developed by Everybody’s Golf/Hot Shots series creator Clap Hanz, and the trailer shows a more realistic human caddy as the former cartoony style gradually evolves away from one game to the next.  The control style is getting an unspecified update, which should be clarified at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show when the game goes on display, but this isn’t the first time Everybody’s Golf has had motion controls so it will be interesting to see how they’ve been tweaked.  The big advantage of VR, though, will be full immersion in the beautiful courses that are the series standard, bashing away at a little white ball under brilliant blue skies on a perfectly sunny day.