Destiny 2: Forsaken – Guide to Reach 500+ Power Fast

Destiny 2: Forsaken has been out for about a week now and many a guardian has already started their trek to the new maximum power level of 600. Of course, before one can reach 600, they have to reach the soft cap of 500; it might sound daunting, especially for those who’ll be starting around 200 or so power due to being away from the game for so long. That said, there’s actually no need to worry. With the Forsaken expansion, Bungie has made reaching the soft cap a relatively painless process by making just about every activity in the game contribute to the pursuit in some way. There’s no one way to do it, but there are a few things one can focus on in order to make their grind as quick and efficient as possible.

Complete Flash Points and Daily Challenges

Just like the base version of Destiny 2, completing the weekly flash points and challenges is a great way to earn high-level gear. All that’s changed with Destiny 2 is the introduction of new daily challenges for each activity. Each activity’s challenge resets on a different day and lasts for four days until the next reset. So, players eager to get their power up have the option of either doing one activity per day or doing them all at once. No matter what order they’re done in, they all award legendary that will consistently drop a few points above one’s current power level. The weekly challenges, the flashpoint especially, all drop powerful gear; they’ll be key to raising one’s power past 500 later on.

Join a Clan

Destiny has always allowed players to form clans, but Destiny 2 actually offers a tangible benefit for doing so. For those that haven’t yet gotten around to doing it, don’t put it off! Clan members can enjoy several free legendary and powerful engrams each week due to their clan’s collective efforts, and they can even earn an extra one for themselves by fulfilling clan bounties and completing their weekly and daily challenges. Seriously, playing without a clan is the same as leaving plenty of good engrams just lying on the table. Some of these will even drop at 500+ power right off the bat, so get crackin’!

Run Strikes, Participate in Crucible, and Chase Their Complete Bounties

Aside from the gear that always has a chance to drop in these activities, each strike and Crucible match awards guardians with tokens that can be turned in for vendor engrams. It only takes three or four games in each activity to earn an engram, so dedicated players could easily earn several in just a couple of hours. Fulfilling bounties yields even more tokens, making participation even more worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and fight like you mean it, Guardian!

Seek Out Lost Sectors and Run Heroic Public Events

Lost sectors and public events are low-tier in comparison to just about everything else in Destiny 2, but that shouldn’t stop enterprising guardians from seeking them out. Both activities can be done quickly and both award relatively high-level gear in the beginning stages. Even after one starts climbing into the high 400s and beyond, lost sectors and heroic public events should still remain part of the regular grind due to their ability to drop exotic engrams from time to time.

Now, turning a normal public event into its heroic version might mystify some newer guardians, but it’s not actually all that difficult a process. The means to do it always reveals itself as each event plays out, all one has to do is be observant and watch for anything unusual to present itself. A new enemy, an interactive console, even a special object is all it takes to transform a normal event into its heroic variant and increase the chance of exotic rewards.

This Isn’t Everything

Of course, one doesn’t have to focus solely on these activities if they want to increase their power. Just about everything in Destiny 2 is worth doing now that Forsaken has launched and the sandbox changes preceding it have taken effect. These are just the activities that provide the most efficient path forward for those beginning their climb to the new power level cap.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For an idea of what playing it is like and how to get rolling with the new content, check out our getting started guide for some more helpful tips.