Funko Reveals Destiny Blind Bag Keychains

Destiny has been a pretty big deal since its debut. Then, things got a little rocky with the release of its sequel but extra content such as Forsaken is allowing the game to shine bright once again. Now, Funko is releasing a bunch of blind bag keychains for all you Guardians.

Over a dozen keychains are going to be available. Each one comes as a Ghost with a unique design either to its shape or coloring. There are also a couple that can only be found at GameStop locations. Any one of them will look great on your key ring, backpack and purse or anyplace else you can think of! Hopefully you’ll find one of your favorite skins.

They are all set to be released in October. Check them out in the images below. Also, be sure to view our helpful guide to powering up in Destiny 2: Forsaken.