Pirate Lord Cervantes Confirmed for Soul Calibur VI

Cervantes fans can breathe a bit more easily now that their favorite pirate lord has been confirmed for the Soul Calibur VI roster. The announcement came earlier today via a brand new character trailer showcasing the near-immortal buccaneer, and it seems that the game finds the once proud pirate during his complete enthrallment to Soul Edge. With his thirst for souls at its height, Cervantes’ style seems both brutal and desperate this time around.

Cervantes has long been a combatant whose success lies in first surprising his opponent then exploiting the opening created to its fullest extent. This appears to be holding true in Soul Calibur VI, with the major change being that the pirate lord is capable of punishing his opponents to an even greater extent. Players facing him would do well to keep their guard up, otherwise they’ll find themselves quickly and decisively beaten.

Soul Calibur VI launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 19.