David Cage Praises Detroit: Become Human Stars for ‘Emotional Performances’

David Cage has described scenes that featured actors Valorie Curry and Lilly Rose Debos in Detroit: Become Human as “some of the most emotional performances I have seen on Quantic’s set.”

The Quantic Dream founder and studio head made the comment on Twitter, sharing a photo of the two actors wearing motion capture suits and saying that Curry had “Hundreds of pages of script to memorize.”

Curry reprised her role as Kara from the 2012 PlayStation 3 tech demo of the same name, which served as the springboard for Detroit’s development.

Meanwhile, Debos played the character of Alice Williams, who lives with her violent father and their android housekeeper, Kara.

In 2016, Cage had said that the script for Detroit consisted of “thousands and thousands of pages and it’s really a complex script in many ways.”

The Detroit writer and director also tweeted some behind-the-scenes commentary on the development of the title, focusing on topics such as art and technology.

“For those of you interested in art and tech: Quantic’s engine allows [us] to have shot-by-shot close-up lighting, so we have very smooth shadows, backlight, rim light, translucency, etc,” he explained. “Thousands of shots to light… but the only way to get [these] kind of images.”

The French developer continued to concentrate on Kara in a separate tweet, looking at how lighting had an impact on the physical appearance of Detroit’s female lead.

“Another example of close-up lighting: reflections in the eyes, backlight, soft shadows,” he said. “Depth of field also helps a lot (you can see that the ears and the background are blurry).

“Depth of field is the other feature that played a very important role in the final rendering.”

First announced at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference in 2015, the studio’s title launched earlier this year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

It has proven to be both a critical and commercial success. In fact, Quantic Dream revealed last month that the title had passed twenty million hours of playtime and had been accessed by over 1.5 million PS4 users worldwide.

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