Destiny 2: Forsaken Week 2 Brings Raid Day and More

This week brings a new raid, specifically today at 10 AM PST with Guardians everywhere gearing up to tackle Last Wish the new raid that is supposed to top them all. For those Guardians lucky enough to complete world first it will mean more than a few extra goodies to showcase that they are the best of the best.

Guardians who complete Last Wish as world firsters will receive real life World First title belts and in-game weapon One Thousand Voices Exotic which looks menacing as it does deadly. One Thousand Voices isn’t exclusive to World First but will continue to be a rare drop from the final encounter. For anyone beating the raid within the first 24 hours the “Wish Ascended” emblem will be granted as a reward. Finally, for any Guardian beating Last Wish before 10 am PDT Tuesday September 18, 2018 gets access to a personalized Last Wish raid jacket which can be purchased through Bungie’s Rewards Program. The code for the jacket will be available until September 30.

For those not on the PvE side of Forsaken don’t worry Lord Saladin will be making his return with Iron Banner next week. This will be a bit different from previous Iron Banner because it’s the first time in Destiny 2 PvP where Power matters. If not in the best gear expect to have the disadvantage. Lord Saladain will also have seven weekly bounties available all granting Iron-Banner rewards with two guaranteed to drop powerful gear. Any tokens leftover from Season 3 can be redeemed for Season 4 reputation packages. Topping it off post-match drops are back in Iron Banner; this will carry over into regular Crucible as well.

There is plenty to do for Guardians whether PvE or PvP with things just getting warmed up in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Head over to Bungie to see everything they have in store plus all the extra goodies they like to showcase. See you on the frontier, Guardian.