Enjoy the Arcade Classic Reborn that is Killer Queen Black

After merely existing as an arcade title for years, Killer Queen saw a unique revival in the way of a Switch sequel announced earlier this year. For many, this came out as a brand new title that they’d never heard of before. For those familiar with the series, it was a surprising take on a newer arcade title that launched just five years ago, but took off in popularity due to its unique playstyle. While it may look a bit chaotic from the average onlooker, diving into Killer Queen Black is an enjoyable experience and one of the best takes on an arcade title to ever make it to modern platforms.

The original Killer Queen was an arcade title that had two teams facing off match after match to come out victorious. The original arcade allowed for up to ten players to go head to head in fast-paced matches that made for a unique arcade experience. Killer Queen featured multiple ways to win and tons of strategies that made it easy to pick up and incredibly fun to master. Killer Queen Black takes all that fun and turns it into a fun at-home experience that allows up to 8 players to team up and compete while containing entirely new content not seen on the original arcade version.

In Killer Queen Black there are three simple ways to win; economic, military and snail victories. The economic victory requires the drone players to collect all the berries and fill up every slot in their base. This can be challenging due to having to accurately put each berry into a slo, and often requires tricky maneuvering to get them all in. The military victory pits the queens against one another, and if one can come out having defeated the other, they will win. While a good way to win, it often has the queen distracted from other events going on as the only one able to attack enemy drones. The third and final victory is snail, which requires a drone to ride the center snail across the stage. This is the slowest victory approach due to the snail’s speed, but often a clever one to confuse opponents and distract the queen from other duties.

Although Killer Queen traditionally included just two colored teams, the newest change is the inclusion of the black team. The black team is available to one team at a time on a global level and the only way to claim it for oneself is to beat them in a match. The unique aspect to the black team is that it isn’t permanent when a team retires for the day, instead passing on to another group once the previous black team has retired for the day. The black team adds a wonderfully competitive aspect to online play that entices players into trying even harder or playing longer in order to earn the accomplishment of becoming the next black team. While it may just be temporary, it’s great bragging rights that not everyone in the world may be eligible for and will be cool to see how players take on the challenge when it releases.

It’s easy to see by looking at Killer Queen Black how it’s truly a remastering of an arcade title, but at the same time fits right at home playing online with friends. The quick-paced matches make it fun to pick up for a short period of time, with variety in levels and ways to win making every match able to go in multiple different directions. There’s a lot of obvious love and care that went in to taking this arcade title and making it fit onto consoles, and it works so surprisingly well that it makes one wonder where else the series could potentially go after this. Those ready to compete on the battlefield of Killer Queen Black can look forward to its early 2019 release date on Steam and Nintendo Switch.