Fight for Mankind in the Amazing Worlds of Remnant: From the Ashes

There is a near infinite number of shooters out there of varying styles. First-person, third-person and tons of overhead shooters that add variety. So it’s a nice change of pace when there’s one that might look familiar, but brings about a style that just makes it really stand out from the crowd. That’s the case with Remnant: From the Ashes, a new third-person shooter from the team behind the upcoming Darksiders III. Remnant, brings with it a style of play that not only feels good but also offers a good amount of challenge while feeling fresh for the genre. Add this along side a wonderfully-stunning world and a true sense of fast-paced action and it’s looking like it will be a heavy hitter.

Remnant’s tale takes place on an Earth far in the future, which now lies a desolate waste. The cause of this is extradimensional creatures who have taken over, leaving humanity in a desperate need for an escape or someone to stop them. Fortunately there is a fighter, or perhaps a group, willing to take on the task to fight these horrible creatures through multiple different worlds. In each world lies its own terrain and dangers lurking around every corner, but a strong group can take down even the largest of beasts but these ruthless creatures will try their hardest to make sure they’re the ones on top at the end of the day.

The basics in gameplay are straightforward as any third-person shooter. Players aim, fire and shoot at enemies that come at them with varying abilities that they must learn to overcome. Fortunately, each character also comes equipped with abilities to help them out so they aren’t just out facing these fierce monsters with just a gun. One character archetype can summon three temporary creatures that can aid in distracting and attacking enemies, while they move around themselves to find the best spot to attack. The controls in general feel silky smooth, and where many third-person shooters can feel a bit clunky at times, Remnant manages to make the pace feel much more like an action RPG than a shooter with how seamlessly it flows.

Although Remnant can be played completely solo, the multiplayer aspect offers an opportunity to take the game online and team up with up to three others. Each one can select from a good variety of archetypes, which act as base classes players can start with. How players decide their team might just determine how well they survive and work together, assuring they’re able to be clever and make it out alive. The variety in monsters offers a great amount of challenge, with each planet planning to encourage different approaches to these creatures as no two will feel the same. When done killing creatures, players can take their collected loot in order to craft stronger weapons or enhance them, use resources for upgrades or gain new abilities.

From the gorgeous scenery to the fast-paced action of fights, there’s a lot to love about how Remnant is coming along. There’s a whole slew of exciting action to be had on the brave mission to save the world from even further destruction from unwanted invaders. No doubt players will be excited to jump into what could be one of the next great multiplayer titles that people should be looking forward to. Anyone at all interested in Remnant: From the Ashes should know it is more than worth checking out, and will be able to dive into it next year with its planned 2019 release date for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.