Funko Pop! for Marvel’s Spider-Man Negative Suit Available Now

With Insomniac’s take on Marvel’s Spider-Man earning tons of praise since its release, fans are going to want every fun collectible related to the game! Luckily, Funko has just announced a Negative Suit Pop! figure of Spider-Man is available to own starting today.

This particular item is the latest in the line of Pop!s from the instantly popular title. It shows Spider-Man in a black and white version of his suit that can even unleash waves of negative energy. The figure shows him in a crouched position, ready for combat. It even glows around the eyes for some added effect.

Negative Suit Spider-Man is exclusive to GameStop. Take a look a mid-air version and some of the other characters that were announced. Be sure to read our review of such an amazing game!

Header image courtesy of AMPCaboose.